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Ah 309 Class Wiki


Overview and Team Page

Each team will build part of the website with an introductory (overview) page for their general topic and individual pages for each student’s contribution.





Research Assignment - Revised

1.      You will be part of a team with a general research theme (topical or geographical).  You will do individual research and present this in class and in written form on your webpage.

  1. Team Presentation of research in class and as wiki page (see below).

a.      Assign class readings to be posted at least two sessions before date of presentation

b.      Presentation:

                                                              i.      Overview of general topic (3-5 minutes)

                                                            ii.      Individual student topics (5-7 minutes each)

                                                          iii.      Lead class discussion and/or activity (20-30 minutes)

  1. Individual Research Paper

a.      Topic: Choose a topic of interest to you. Be sure to cover these points:

                                                              i.      Introduction and thesis sentence

                                                            ii.      Technique and cultural context

                                                          iii.      Examples and/or evidence

                                                          iv.      Connections to larger issues or other material considered in class

                                                            v.      Conclusion

                                                          vi.      Works Cited list

b.      Format: 5-6 pages with 1” margins, double-spaced, and 12 point type.  Submit a Word document with your name in the file title to the on-line class dropbox.

c.        Works Cited:  Include at least 5 citations (other than the text book or required readings), 4 of which must be either books or journal articles (you are welcome to use on-line sources for additional information, but be sure to provide a citation).

d.      Grading:  Your paper will be graded according to these criteria:

                                                              i.      Thesis statement – clear and justifiable. The key to a good paper is a strong thesis statement.

                                                            ii.      Organization – a body of supporting evidence for your thesis

                                                          iii.      Structure and clarity of ideas

                                                          iv.      Research – bringing together ideas and evidence from a variety of sources.

                                                            v.      Appropriate citation of sources:  please use the MLA style (in-text citations).  For on-line information on paper formatting and citations, seehttp://owl.english.purdue.edu/handouts/print/research/r_mla.html.  Include in-text citations see Owl at Purdue for MLA guidelines:  click for info on In-Text Citations.  Provide a list of references:  click for info on Works Cited list.  (this website will show how to cite for books, periodicals, and electronic sources)


                                                    vi.      -do not plagerize!  If you use the exact words of an author, put the sentence or phrase in quotation marks and provide a citation, if you paraphrase, provide a citation.


e.       Due Date:  Tuesday, May 26, CollectIt dropbox by 5pm.

  1. Wiki contributions

a.      Each team will build part of the website with an introductory (overview) page for their general topic which discusses the connections and comparisons between the individual student topics.  Linked to this will be the individual page for each student’s contribution. A resource page should be included with a short list of the best resources for your group’s topic. Feel free to add other pages if you would like of images, member’s info, etc… (this is NOT required).

b.      Each individual page will present an abstract and one short example of your specific topic.  This is a brief statement of what is in your research paper, illustrated with one example from your research that exemplifies the issue you considered. 

c.       Once webpages are up, provide substantive comments (thoughtful reactions) on the three webpages outside of your research group.  

d.      Due dates:  Post webpage for group and individuals by Monday, May 18th.  Post comments on others pages by Wednesday, June 3rd.

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