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Personal Adornment Presentation

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Student Adornment/Identity Presentation -each student will share an item of personal adornment and discuss how it represents or demonstrates a part of their identity (5 minutes).   Turn in a short paper (1.5-2 pages, 12pts type, 900-1200 words,  Word document) relating or comparing your display of identity to those in the readings.  Submit a draft of the paper by the day of your presentation to the dropbox.  Submit final draft by following class session.  Be sure to label your papers with your last name in the document title and "final" or "draft."



Sign up for your personal adornment presentation time slot:

(Click "Edit" at the top of the page, then add your name to one of the slots, then click "Save" at the bottom of the page.)



Monday - 4/13

1. Sara Hughes


Wednesday - 4/15

2. Steve Beckham

3. Benjamin Lealofi


Friday - 4/17


5. Marissa Marcelo


Monday - 4/20

6. Elizabeth MacKeen



Wed. 4/22

8. Whitney Bosel


Mon. 4/27

9. Lisa Simoneaux

10.Katelind Donahue


Wed. 4/29

11. Jasmine Ines

12. Michelle Tobin


Fri. 5/1

13.Tse-Hui Wu

14. Tova Loutsis


Mon. 5/4

15.Mariya Kochubey

16.Edith Gonzalez


Wed. 5/6

17. Leisha Muraki


Fri. 5/8

18.Amanda Jones

19. Lauren Fejarang


Mon. 5/11

20. Jessica Tessman

21. Abby Mitchell


Wed. 5/13


23.Gabe Murfitt


Fri. 5/15

24.Emmy Gran

25.Melanie Stephens


Mon. 5/18

26.Kelsey Neal


Wed. 5/20

27. zoe kim

28.Jessica Hale


Fri. 5/22

29. Devon Midori Hale

30. Sol Hashemi


Wed. 5/27

31. Ellen Blazich

32. Samuel Timidaiski


Fri. 5/29

33.Mark Anthony

34.Blanche Dy


Mon. 6/1

35. Julie Marcy

36. Rosalie Kuerschner


Wed. 6/3

29. Devon Midori Hale

30. Sol Hashemi


Fri. 6/5

Leisha Muraki



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